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If you head over to Neatorama you’ll find a few new shirts I’ve recently done. They’ll require your friends to read, but everyone knows that people need to read more these days!

Can’t wait for the next season of Game of Thrones…

Well that didn’t take long – I went straight from quantum physics to adolescent masturbation. I figure the only way I’ll keep going with this blog is if I don’t stress myself out over-thinking the cartoons. So if I draw something that amuses me, irrespective of its quality (to a point), I’ll put it up!

Ten months since my last cartoon! One cartoon a year… yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the promise I made myself when i started this site. This one’s a bit of a companion piece to this old one

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Good old work has kept me from my cartoons lately – hopefully I’ll be managing more than one a fortnight soon!

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