…in one of my shirts, that is. They’ve been doing really well over at the Neatorama shop so a big thanks to anyone who’s bought one, I really do appreciate it. I’ve recently done a bunch of new designs so check ’em out if you like.

By the way, I’ve totally seen that celebrity you love wearing them. Honest.

Actually it came from a shirt I did, but before that it came from nowhere…

Well that didn’t take long – I went straight from quantum physics to adolescent masturbation. I figure the only way I’ll keep going with this blog is if I don’t stress myself out over-thinking the cartoons. So if I draw something that amuses me, irrespective of its quality (to a point), I’ll put it up!

…according to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, that is. Anyway, I think it’s time to lift the lid and see if it’s actually alive. I miss doing it! As always, time is the key, but I do have a little more of it these days so let’s see how I go.

PS – Oh and I’d also like to hijack this auspicious occasion to plug a bunch of new shirts I’ve been working on over at Neatorama

I have a couple of new shirts up at the Neatorama Shop, including a fancy new colour version of my I Want To Believe cartoon.

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